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Photomaster is an Event Tech Company with a global scale that delivers world-class immersive and interactive experiences. No matter how niche or grand your event is, our video and photo booths elevate your brand presence all while gathering valuable data. All our booths are fitted with the latest technology and state-of-the-art DSLR cameras guaranteeing stunning results that boost your brand image.


The Glambot, with its high-speed camera and robot arm, captures mesmerizing slow-motion shots, showcasing the elegance and artistry of celebrities. We anticipate future moments of wonder it'll bring, enriching our connection to the world of glitz and glamour.

360° Photobooth
360° Photobooth

Experience our 360° photobooth, where every angle narrates a unique story. Immerse yourself in creativity as the camera whirls, capturing moments from all perspectives. Whether solo or with friends, this interactive journey guarantees unforgettable memories from every angle.

Robot Photobooth
Robot Photobooth

Step into the future of fun with the Photomaster India robot photobooth! Let our friendly robot capture your best moments with high-tech flair, adding a touch of innovation to your memories.

AI PhotoBooth
AI Photobooth

Experience the cutting-edge of photography with Photomaster India’s AI photobooth! Let our advanced technology enhance your moments, as artificial intelligence ensures every shot is picture-perfect.

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The Glambot: A Visionary Approach to Red Carpet Coverage

The Glambot is a groundbreaking concept that combines cutting-edge technology with artistic vision. It captures celebrities\rquote walk down the red carpet in exquisite detail, showcasing their stunning outfits, intricate makeup, and elegant movements with slow-motion precision. With the ability to capture every subtle nuance, the Glambot allows viewers to appreciate the artistry and beauty of these moments in ways never seen before.

Crafting Success Stories, Satisfied Clients, and Building Brands, One Frame at a Time.

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Different Experiences for Different Verticals !

At Photomaster India, we take pride in tailoring unique solutions for every event, across various verticals, ensuring your celebration is unforgettable and joyous.

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Photobooth for wedding
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