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Turn moments into memories! In under 90 seconds, create personalized flipbooks from short video clips, perfect for any occasion.

Flipbook Photo booth

Introducing Flipbook Photobooth

Elevate your event with the Flipbook Photobooth and watch as your guests embark on a journey of creativity and nostalgia. With each flip, memories are relived, laughter is shared, and bonds are strengthened. Create moments that matter with Photomaster’s Flipbook Photobooth – where every flip tells a story.

Effortless Creativity:

Record short video clips and watch as they are seamlessly transformed into flip books.


Instant Gratification:

Receive personalized flip books within minutes, ready to be taken home as cherished mementos.

Interactive Entertainment:

Engage guests with a unique and captivating experience that sparks creativity and nostalgia.

Customization Options:

Customize flip book designs to match the theme or branding of your event, adding a personalized touch to every keepsake.

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Introducing the Flipbook Photobooth – a revolutionary addition to event entertainment that combines the magic of video with the charm of traditional flip books. In a matter of moments, guests embark on a journey of creativity, recording short video clips that are seamlessly transformed into captivating flip books, ready to be cherished for years to come.

The process is simple yet mesmerizing. In less than 90 seconds, guests step in front of the Flipbook Photobooth camera, capturing their unique moments in motion. With a touch of spontaneity and a dash of creativity, they unleash their inner stars, creating dynamic video clips that reflect the spirit of the occasion.

Once recorded, the magic begins. Our state-of-the-art technology swiftly converts the video clip into a series of individual frames, meticulously arranged to form a delightful flip book. Witness your memories come to life as each page flips, revealing a seamless transition of movement captured in time.

But the journey doesn’t end there. With a flick of the wrist, guests hold in their hands a tangible memento of their experience – a custom-designed flip book, bound with care and brimming with memories. From weddings to corporate events, birthdays to brand activations, the Flipbook Photobooth leaves a lasting impression, offering guests a unique keepsake to treasure forever.

Why choose the Flipbook Photobooth for your next event? It’s more than just entertainment; it’s an experience. Watch as guests immerse themselves in the creative process, leaving with not just a souvenir but a story to tell. Whether it’s a wedding celebration filled with laughter and love or a corporate gala buzzing with excitement, the Flipbook Photobooth adds a touch of magic to every occasion.

At Photomaster, we pride ourselves on innovation and creativity. Our Flipbook Photobooth is no exception, offering a fresh take on event entertainment that captivates guests of all ages. From the intuitive interface to the high-quality flip book production, every aspect is designed to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.

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