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From the original creators that brought LED wearable technology to the world stage of entertainment across conferences, concerts and sporting events to name a few. Xylobands have a new range of products and are proud to have lit up thousands of events across 72% of countries in the world.

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Introducing Xyloband / LED Wrist Band!

Illuminate your event with Xylobands, the LED wristbands that transform any occasion into a dazzling, interactive experience.

Innovative Technology:

Xylobands are the pioneers of LED wearable technology, creating an interactive and immersive experience that captivates audiences.

Customizable and Versatile:

With multiple colors and control options, Xylobands can be tailored to fit any event theme or branding requirement.

Easy to Use:

Our proprietary software and rental equipment make setup and operation straightforward and hassle-free.


We are committed to sustainability, striving for net-zero emissions and environmentally friendly event solutions.

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Welcome to the future of event entertainment with Xyloband / LED Wrist Band, a revolutionary LED wearable technology that transforms your event into an unforgettable light show. As the original creators of this cutting-edge technology, we have brought LED wristbands to the forefront of entertainment, lighting up conferences, concerts, sporting events, and festivals across the globe. With our dedicated team of Creative Directors, we work closely with clients from concept to delivery, ensuring a personalized and impactful experience for every occasion.

Our Xylobands are designed to bring light and excitement to any event, and we are committed to doing so in an environmentally friendly manner. We strive for net-zero emissions, making your event not only spectacular but also sustainable.

Xylobands are more than just a light-up accessory; they are a powerful marketing tool that can carry your brand and message to new heights. Used by world-renowned artists like Coldplay, these wristbands have the unique ability to engage audiences and create a cohesive visual spectacle that leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s a music event, sporting event, festival, corporate gathering, or party, the possibilities with Xylobands are endless.

Product Information

Control and Customization: Xylobands are LED wristbands that can be fully controlled to create dynamic light shows. You can vary the speed of flashing, switch the LEDs on or off, and control which colors are displayed. Available LED colors include green, blue, yellow, red, pink, and white. A white strap ensures all LED colors are visible, creating a vivid display that only appears when the LED is activated. For orders under 50,000 units, case colors are available in pink or blue, while larger orders can be customized with any color.

Operation: Operating Xylobands is simple and efficient. They are controlled using our proprietary software, which can be downloaded onto your laptop. The laptop connects to a transmitter box and antenna via a cable, all of which we provide on a free rental basis with a refundable deposit of £500. We offer the option to supply setup and operating personnel, or you can manage the setup yourself with our straightforward instructions.

Branding Options: Xylobands offer extensive branding options, allowing you to add your logo or custom designs to the wristbands. This feature enhances brand visibility and ensures your message shines brightly at any event.

Environmental Commitment

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and are constantly seeking ways to make our events as eco-friendly as possible. Our goal is to achieve net-zero emissions, ensuring that while your event shines brightly, it also supports a sustainable future.

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